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Dear partner/client,

I’m a psychologist (MA Psych). I have focused on organizational and occupational matters for the last 20 years. I know how the work life acts nowadays and what people go through in different levels of organizations. In addition to supporting an individual employee with his/her acute matters, I have chance to be a cooperation partner for the CEO, executive board and HRM. I appreciate my work – it is important, and I just love it! I’m available for your demands as a business coach, consultant, psychotherapist and trainer.

Mari Lassila


Consulting, training, coaching and psychotherapy:

Consulting focuses on leadership and organizational development in partnership with the operating management. The goal is to help you to succeed. The service is never ready- made – we analyze the situation and plan the steps and actions.

Here are some possible options:

  1. a seminar day including lectures on specific topics and workshops to enrich the knowledge and commitment
  2. tailored developing project, for example an agenda for well-being at work (consulting for planning the agenda, participating partly in running the agenda and/or working as a coach for the CEO/HRM)
  3. consulting the specific, very challenging work community situation or taking the role in analyzing the situation and helping the parties to agree on conciliation

Coaching is effective in developing the work of executive boards, individual directors and experts or teams. “Being more, achieving more” – that in short what coaching is all about.

It is used often in situations like

  1. a person transferring for a new position
  2. there is a need for new solutions or a more effective way of performing
  3. an  employee needs more concentration, to have better time management skills or balance between work and leisure time
  4. there are challenges in interactions or other challenges with a co-worker or subordinate or one wants to improve his/her problem solving skills.

The process starts with a meeting with the coach, the foreman and the client.

Couple coaching is meant for you and your partner when you are committed to succeed with your relationship. This is a way to enrich your good relationship. This is not psychotherapy or marriage counseling. It is used for example when there are big changes in family- or worklife coming. Couple coaching is a 90 minute moment to appreciate your loved one and give a time to pause to stop by a challenge of the moment. It is held at the location you suggest or a local restaurant, where you continue having a dinner afterwards.

Psychotherapy – the goal is “to be me.”

“ – I have a control over my feelings, the anxiety does not control me and block my ability to function like I wish – this is what I have learned during the therapy.” – This was said by my therapy client after the process. The facet of this therapy is cognitive-behavioral. The first meetings are for clinical interview. The objective is to evaluate, set the goals and agree with the treatment plan. This therapy orientation is task oriented and pragmatic.

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Master of Arts (Psychology), 1998
Work-consultant, 2008
Certified Business Coach, 2012
Psychotherapist, 2014